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Jerk-Ork is Dead!
About Insurmountable Odds

Against All Odds, However Insurmountable.

The Insurmountable Odds Raiding Coalition was founded in order to bring together skilled and dedicated raiders regardless of guild affiliation. Our goals are two fold: on the one hand we wish to make accessible raiding content that has been otherwise inaccessible to those in small guilds or no guild whatsoever. Additionally, it is our intention to progress through content to the best of our ability. We aim to prove that guild tags are not the final arbiter of raiding ability.

We are not a casual raid group, but we also do not ask for any commitment outside of raiding and raid preparation.  Raiding is the goal, the focus, and the reason for this Coalition's existence.


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by Heremod2, 22 hours ago

No, not the snail. The ORC!

Niralath organized a Mythic 20 man. We pulled in some solid PuGs from the new raid finder

After 4.5 hours of attempts, over 8 hours of raiding . . . and dozens of wipes on Blackfuse, Paragons and Gary . . . last raid before Blizzcon. . . 9:59 p.m., one minute before raid end time and 4-5 people had already said they had to go after the attempt. Five attempts previously we had a wipe at 151,000 HP . . . on an attempt where one of the DPS disconnected in the transition to final phase.

Last attempt mojo! Everything came together. No one disconnected. Clean kill right before all the giant yo yos exploded!

Thank you everyone for coming, and special thanks to Niralath for running it all! It's a nigh thankless job and no-one likes asking people to sit because a solid raider who signed up showed up.

Special thanks as well to I think it was Izzy, Segalus, Saryrn, and a PuG hunter whose name I unfortunately forgot, who were all available when needed and accepted sitting for others with good grace and dignity. We couldn't keep a raid group going without people being understanding and willing to do what's best for the raid. Seriously, we really appreciate everyone who really wants to go but accepts sitting without complaint. It makes a huge difference to leadership and is critical to all of our success.

Also, of course, thanks to everyone who was there all expansion. We couldn't have done it without months of practice on all of the heroic bosses, and the two years of work it took to keep pushing forward through the tears and gearing up for the next challenge! Even those who couldn't stay all expansion and had to bow out for real life. Every raid you were willing to attend helped a lot!

Super thanks to everyone who took a leadership role in the raids, particularly folks who got saddled with all of the responsibility and none of the power of an officer - Khrosis, Aulisemia, Audracy, Onieros, Dithyrambos, Sansa, and all the people I'm forgetting who were willing to go above and beyond to lead, organize, prepare for fights, and help other players be their best.

I, unfortunately, do not have a screen shot. Someone else should.

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