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About Insurmountable Odds

Against All Odds, However Insurmountable.

The Insurmountable Odds Raiding Coalition was founded in order to bring together skilled and dedicated raiders regardless of guild affiliation. Our goals are two fold: on the one hand we wish to make accessible raiding content that has been otherwise inaccessible to those in small guilds or no guild whatsoever. Additionally, it is our intention to progress through content to the best of our ability. We aim to prove that guild tags are not the final arbiter of raiding ability.

We are not a casual raid group, but we also do not ask for any commitment outside of raiding and raid preparation.  Raiding is the goal, the focus, and the reason for this Coalition's existence.


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Requirements: First Week of Raiding (WoD)

by Aurlon, 5 days ago

Hey Folks,

I've received some questions about what are the requirements and how we're going to handle invites for the first week of raiding.

Raid Requirements
iLevel: 630 or higher for your equipped main spec.
Enchants: Cloak, Neck, Rings, Weapon must be enchanted. (Greater enchants on ilevel660+)
Gems: All available sockets filled with a spec appropriate gem.
Flasks: 9 Flasks for the week*

*We currently cannot provide players with subsidized raid mats at this time. Although food will be provided, you will have to procure your own flasks for the first week. We are calling all Alchemists to help us in stocking the raid bank with flasks. Please contact Heremod if you are interested in helping out.

Invites for first week
Thanks so much for so much people responding to the role call post. This helps gives us an idea on interest and how to anticipate turn out for our first week. If you didn't get around to posting in the thread but are still interested in raiding this next part is for you.

Invites during our first week will be based on a priority system.

1) Tenured Raiders who were active at the end of MoP (Sign up via Guildlaunch)
2) Player Referrals from Tenured Raiders (1 Referral per Raider)
3) Everyone else

We appreciate the high amount of interest for their raiding season, and I apologize that we cannot take everyone. If you don't get in during the first wave we will be opening up recruitment once we have a formalized raid roster.<p> </p>

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